Author:O'Rourke, William M. (Mike)
Position:Letter to the editor


I thoroughly enjoyed the articles on early SIGINT and the article on Aerial Recon in the early Cold War period. However, I did notice an error in the latter article involving the description of the loss of a U.S. Navy P2V-5 Neptune. The article stated that a Navy PBM Mariner seaplane crashed on takeoff after landing to retrieve the Neptune's crew. That Mariner aircraft was actually a U.S. Coast Guard PBM-5G, CG# 84738, one of 43 operated by the USCG between December 1944 and May1958. The aircraft and its 8 crew members was based out of Coast Guard Air Detachment (CGAD) Sangley Point, Philippine Republic, and had been scrambled to search for the downed P2V crew. After locating the Neptune crew, the aircraft commander of the PBM assessed the sea surface conditions as a 25 to 30 knot wind with seas running 15 feet. After taking the P2V crew aboard, the pilot, LT John Vukic, who survived the mission, reported that power was lost in the port engine and with insufficient speed to continue the takeoff, the pilot opted to abort the takeoff...

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