Let your kids make the K'Nex-tion.

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If there's one thing all kids--boys and girls alike--love to do, it's build things. And there's no better place for them to work out their construction inclinations than with a few building sets from K'Nex Industries, Inc., Hatfield, Pa.

The ultimate just may be the Big Air Ball Tower ($49.99), which, when completed, can stand over five feet high. There is a motorized air lift, mega-bounce trampoline, bottomless basket, anti-gravity tube, super spin wheel, twisting tunnel, and spiral adventure loop.

There's also plenty of adventure waiting for young builders of the Super Amusement Park ($99.99) where kids can create their own carnival rides. Build a three-foot Ferris Wheel that spins in a huge circle, Boom Ride that goes up and down, and Spin Ride that will make you dizzy.

For the combination and scientist/paleontologist in the family, Alive! Fantastic Beasts You Build to Life ($29.99) is a can't-miss. There are six different horrific electronic...

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