Let's Get Honest.

Author:Henning, Rita
Position:Video recording review

Let's Get Honest, Video, 2006, Media Partners Corp., $995--$1095.

Support: Trainer Resource Guide, 10 Employee Handbooks, pocket cards and sticky note pad.

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Sex is everywhere--in the movies, on television, in magazines, on the Internet, and in all types of advertisements. It's getting more and more difficult to live in a sexually charged society while working in environments that are supposed to be devoid of anything sexual.

The package consists of two videos--Let's Get Honest (15 minutes) and He Said, She Said (26 minutes)--as well as a leader's guide for a four-hour workshop, a two-hour workshop, a one-hour annual refresher workshop, and a one-hour new hire orientation. Each option includes time estimates for the workshop agenda items.

All of the workshops include two very important components: the distribution of the sexual harassment portion of the organization's employee handbook and the sexual harassment policy statement. The latter is to be read, signed, and dated by the workshop participant. Just in case the organization doesn't have a policy, a general policy is included.

He Said, She Said provides different versions for retail service, offices, industry, and healthcare. The facilitator has the option of choosing to use each version with or without commentary. If the version with commentary is used, the facilitator has to manually pause the DVD after each scene to lead a group discussion. If the version without commentary is used, the DVD automatically pauses after each scene.

Also included in the package is A Manager's Q & A: Practical Answers to Tough Questions, Let's Get Honest Employee Handbook (written in a question-and-answer format), a pocket card for employees, a "Harassment Free Zone Ahead" sticky notepad, an optional pre- and post-training test, visual aids, and reproducible...

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