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AuthorAronovitz, Tod

It's time for the lawyers and judges of Florida to celebrate! This month marks the 75th anniversary of our outstanding legal periodical--The Florida Bar Journal.

Upon induction into The Florida Bar, we all have grown accustomed to receiving the glossy monthly Florida Bar Journal. It features Bar programs as well as excellence in practice through special issues that have focused on children, pro bono legal services, elder law, constitution revision, health law, law-related education, telecommunications, international law, legal aid, appellate practice, federal practice, ethics, discipline, discrimination, domestic violence, solo and small firm practice, addiction, board certification, and family law issues.

The annual Bar membership survey consistently ranks the member benefit of this outstanding publication as one of the top five programs of The Florida Bar as well as lawyer discipline, ethics advice, continuing legal education, and unauthorized practice of law enforcement. Numerous commendations have been awarded from national and state publishing associations, including the Florida Magazine Association, for excellence in editorial writing, investigative reporting, special issue coverage, as well as "the most gutsy" stories. This publication always provides comprehensive coverage in a reader-friendly format.

Consider the history of The Florida Bar Journal. At the time of its first printing in 1927, John Wellborn Martin, a Plainfield, Marion County, Florida, attorney, served as Florida's governor. In Florida, large-scale commercial agriculture--especially cattle-raising--grew in importance, and industries such as cigar manufacturing took root in the immigrant communities of this state. Florida's economic bubble burst in 1926, when money and credit ran out and banks and investors abruptly stopped trusting the "paper" millionaires. Severe hurricanes swept through the state in 1926 and 1928, further damaging Florida's economy.

The Great Depression, which began in the rest of the nation in 1929, had already been in place in Florida. Florida State Bar President W.I. Evans had the vision to believe that the 808 members of The Florida State Bar Asociation would benefit from a new form of communication for...

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