LET GO TO HAVE YOUR BUSINESS GROW: The process of taking a step back could be the best thing you do for your franchise's success.

Author:Tews, Jeff

From riding a tandem bicycle across the country, to taking a month-long kayak trip down the Mississippi, to riding through the rolling hills of Tuscany, Jeff Tews and Susan Rather have had many adventures and continue to embark on more. When learning about the duo's amazing adventures, one would not next expect that they're able to do all of this while operating a successful senior care franchise. Yet, for Jeff and Susan, their adventures are what makes them better business owners.

As with many new franchise owners, Jeff and Susan were apprehensive to take any time off from their business when they first opened. They wanted to be involved in day-to-day processes rather than trusting their staff to handle various tasks and operations. It took a few years, but by taking vacations and going on adventures, Jeff and Susan learned how to let go and trust in the skilled team they had hired and trained.

Once Jeff and Susan began their routine of stepping back every once in a while, it dramatically changed their business for the better. Their travels have had countless benefits for themselves and their business, including learning how to let go and to work 'on' their business and not 'in' their business.

Learning How to Let Go

For Jeff and Susan, the hardest part of their first travel experience was leaving work at home. On one of their first trips to Minnesota, the pair had to walk down the street until they found someplace with WiFi, and ended up sitting on a curb to complete payroll.

This is a major lesson for all franchisees, as learning to give up control and realizing that other people may be better for certain tasks is vital for growing a business. Learning to let go also does wonders for building confidence amongst your team and helps managers learn how to make decisions and feel confident in their choices. For example, on one of Jeff and Susan's trips, a manager called them saying they felt a team member unfortunately needed to be let go. Jeff and Susan let the manager know they trusted whatever their decision was and felt confident the manager would begin recruiting a great new replacement.

In order to ensure your team is strong enough for you to step back, a key component at the beginning of this process is hiring people who you know have the skills beyond their roles. This means they can work with you to help grow your business. By...

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