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As of the end of May, the United States had 6,377 newspapers, down by more than 2,500 since 2005, according to Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. And this trend persists as the number of U.S. papers continues to decline at the rate of two per week, with those remaining largely being bought out and operated by massive media conglomerates. Since 2006, the number of journalists employed at newspapers has also fallen by almost 60 percent.

The Color of Money

A Black couple in Baltimore, Maryland, both professors at Johns Hopkins University, were surprised when the appraisal company 20/20 Valuations determined their home to be worth $472,000 -- only slightly higher than the price for which they purchased it in 2017, prior to renovations and skyrocketing home prices nationwide. After being denied a loan, the couple applied for a new refinance loan and replaced their family photos with those of white friends, one of whom posed as the homeowner. Afterward, it was appraised at $750,000. The couple is suing.

Frontiers of the Culture Wars

A new logo designed at a cost of $130,000 for the Montana State Library Commission was rejected for bearing too much resemblance to the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. "You can say [rainbow] today to set off a firestorm," explained Commissioner Tammy Hall, calling the pride flag a "very political, explosive weapon."

No Shame

The Oklahoma State Board of Education downgraded the accreditation of Tulsa Public Schools after a teacher complained that the district's training materials "shame white people." At issue is a twenty-minute training that urged teachers to be "aware of our own inherent biases." Another Oklahoma school district was downgraded because a teacher asked students whether they had experienced or...

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