Leonardo flies home.

Author:Moran, Daniel Thomas


Leonardo Flies Home Leonardo Da Vinci, took his place across the tiny aisle from me, and buckled the belt of his seat. I was certain it was him. Too timid to speak, I listened as he told the attendant in the blue-black skirt-suit, he was returning from a long overdue visit with his kid sister in Phoenix. The New Mexico sun stayed red and settled upon the bareness of his cheeks. The layover at Kennedy had granted him just enough time to grab a Coke and a slice. He studied the movements of her calves carefully as she trolled ahead in the cabin, gauging all of the tender architectures of her sway. Sketching upon his napkin, sipped his orange juice, and leaned back into a reverie. Beneath his hair, wiry and limp, Against the raggedy blanket of his beard, I could almost hear the notes of machines assembling in his head. The gears and wings, the rockets and parachutes, the motions that made the birds lift skyward, and those contraptions of battle that would live to eclipse horse and sword and shield. Traipsing the heights of the atmospheric perspective, describe Earth's lights reflected against the cold black of the Moon. Devoted as I have been to the celebration of life's soft edges....

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