Legislative Wrap-Up, 0518 ALBJ, 79 The Alabama Lawyer 210 (2018)

Position::Vol. 79 3 Pg. 210

Legislative Wrap-Up

Vol. 79 No. 3 Pg. 210

Alabama Bar Lawyer

May, 2018

Othni J. Lathram, olathram@lsa.state.al.us

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Legislative Update, Part 1

This article is being written as the 2018 legislative session is winding down; by the time you are reading this article, the legislature will have adjourned sine die for yet another year and likely closed out this quadrennium. This year the legislative update will be split into two editions, with an update on the law institute bills that were in this month’s issue and all other bills in the July magazine.

The law institute had another great legislative session, passing four significant pieces of legislation to advance our directive to improve the laws of Alabama. We owe this success first and foremost to the hundreds of attorneys who volunteer their time to work on our drafting committees. These lawyers work hard to make sure that each and every proposal that is advanced by the law institute is well developed, balanced and fair to all affected persons. second, our success would not be possible without the support and push from the legislative members of our executive committee, senators cam Ward (ALI president), Arthur Orr and Rodger Smitherman and Representatives Chris England (ALI vice president), Mike Jones and Bill Poole. These legislators use their tremendous influence and credibility to help advance the law Institute’s legislative initiatives every year. Finally, special thanks are owed to Clay Hornsby, who provides great stewardship over all that is necessary to shepherd these bills through the legislative process.

Alabama Partnership Law: HB72 (Act 2018-125)

Representative Bill Poole and Senator Arthur Orr

This Act is the latest installment of the Alabama law institute standing committee on Business Entities. That committee is working hard to systematically improve the business formation and governance laws of our state. This year’s installment updates Alabama’s partnership law in a manner that provides for greater alignment with the Alabama limited Partnership law and the Alabama limited liability company law.


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