Legislation for Michigan's economy; What your legislators are doing to help.

Author:Miranov, Aaron

In this time of transition for the State of Michigan, it's comforting to know the members of Michigan's Congressional Delegation are working to revive our economy. Despite differing political views, the delegates share a common drive to create jobs and expand Michigan's potential. From advances in technology, growing small businesses, energy conservation, improving higher education and resurrecting the manufacturing industry to encouraging business and individual investments, the delegates all had their own responses to just one question:

How are you promoting growth in Michigan's economy?

Aaron Miranov is a marketing and communications intern at the Detroit Regional Chamber.

Growing Michigan's Workforce While Securing Our Border


By U.S. Congresswoman Candice Miller Michigan's 10th Congressional District

Michigan has a highly skilled workforce and a top notch higher educational system that we must maximize upon to help our state transition and turn around the challenges our economy is experiencing.

I have actively sought to increase opportunities for Michigan companies through federal contracting, from hosting small business and conservation workshops about navigating the federal contracting waters to obtaining federal support for manufactures to transition into the defense contracting field.

And because of our border state, status, I have worked to position Michigan well in the growing field of homeland security by working to increase the Department of Homeland Security's presence in Michigan and provide job opportunities for those interested in protecting our Northern Border.

Increasing job opportunities and growing small businesses and manufacturing requires partnerships at all levels, among individual businesses and local, state and federal agencies. By working together and taking advantage of the exceptional workers of Michigan and the diverse business opportunities available through the federal government, we will be positioned well to bring Michigan's economic outlook into the brighter days ahead.

I will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of the stake-holders in making Michigan a better state in which to live, work and raise a family.

HIT: A Shot in Michigan's Economic Arm


By U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers Michigan's 8th Congressional District

Modern technology has reduced the cost of doing business in every sector of the American economy, allowing companies to grow and workers to thrive. Despite these changes, much of our health care system still functions in the pen-and-paper past.

As Americans become accustomed to operating in the digital age, technology could prompt the same advances in health care delivery and the economics of health care delivery and the economics of health care. Widespread adoption of Health Information Technology (HIT) can save thousands of lives and billions of dollars, while spurring innovation and job growth.

Recently I introduced bipartisan legislation to make 21st Century technology work for our nation's health care system. Michigan's health technology firms are developing products such as Electronic Medical Records and ePrescribing to help employers and their employees save billions while getting better health care.

My legislation allows the federal government to set minimum standards for interoperability so health care providers can communicate by taking advantage of these exciting technological advances. Once standards are established, the measure gets government out of the way so health information technology can set the...

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