Legal Tech Tips, 0221 GABJ, GSB Vol. 26, No. 4, Pg. 40

PositionVol. 26 4 Pg. 40

Legal Tech Tips

No. Vol. 26 No. 4 Pg. 40

Georgia Bar Journal

February, 2021

Legal Tech Tips



Overviewer for iPhone/iPad If you are not familiar with the Whiteboard app or similar options to share documents during online meetings, you may find the Overviewer app useful. Overviewer users can show documents to participants on an online videoconferencing session using their iPhone or iPad camera. The audience will see what is being captured by the device’s camera in real time. This display option can help clients and others see documents you have not yet made digital or available to them otherwise. The app is available for download only via Apple’s App Store.


Video Quality Troubleshooting

Is your video quality a problem sometimes? In your virtual office world, you may notice that your meeting video freezes or degrades. Go to your video meeting or conferencing app settings and turn off HD video calling, or change the setting for video stream to 360p. Alternatively, turn off your video camera and continue with audio only.


ChiliBlanket and ChiliPad Control Unit chiliblanket

It’s winter, and it’s close to Valentine’s Day, too. These are both good reasons to want to get cozy. ChiliBlanket is here to help. This weighted blanket and control unit combo costs $499. The remote control unit regulates the temperature of the blanket using unique hydro-powered technology. The unit has been praised for creating improvement in sleep quality and is undoubtedly another tool to consider for your overall wellness.



Emails and texts can only convey so much. For messages that require a personal touch, like a congratulatory message or a “job well done,” try sending a brief video message using a service like MarcoPolo, available in iOS and Android.


Under Armor’s MapMyRun

If you have jumpstarted the new year by making good on your resolutions, you may still be looking for a solution to track your progress. If you are a runner, then the MapMyRun app should prove useful to you. Use the app to track your distance, speed, calories burned and more. There is an option to upgrade at a cost for additional options and experiences. The app, which features tracking for 14 Georgia cities, is available for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Android Wear and other...

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