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This section contains a diverse collection of legal, political, and historical information, most of which is organized in tabular form and in chronological order.

The tables provide readers with precise dates of the reigns of British monarchs and the terms of service of U.S. Supreme Court justices, presidents, vice presidents, and attorneys general. Readers may, for example, consult the succession of Supreme Court justices to determine which justices were on the Court when a major case was decided.

Using a chronological sequence, the congressional timeline links pertinent information about the House of Representatives and the Senate (size, political parties, procedural matters) with major court cases, laws, and investigations. Wars, presidential eras, and developments in science, technology, and communications are included as well.

The following tables are included:

Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States

Presidential Nominations to the Supreme Court

Time Chart of the Supreme Court

Succession of Supreme Court Justices

U.S. Attorneys General

Congressional Timeline: Nineteenth Century

Congressional Timeline: Twentieth Century

British Regnal Years

Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States

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Presidential Nominations to the Supreme Court

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The following table shows the presidents who nominated the various Supreme Court justices and the states from which the justices were appointed. The names of chief justices are followed by an asterisk.

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Time Chart of the Supreme Court

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This table is designed to aid the user in identifying the composition of the Supreme Court at any given time in U.S. history. Each listing is headed by the chief justice, whose name is italicized. Associate justices are listed following the chief justice in order of seniority. The name of each justice is followed by a symbol representing his or her party affiliation at the time of appointment.

F = Federalist

DR = Democratic-Republican (Jeffersonian)

D = Democrat

W = Whig

R = Republican

I = Independent

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Succession of Supreme Court Justices...

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