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61 Employee Stock Options Not Taxable Compensation for Railroad Workers

The U.S. Supreme Court reverses a Seventh Circuit decision, finding that employee stock options are not taxable compensation under the Railroad Retirement Tax Act.

62 Decisions Reversed in Public Employees' Disability Claims

The New Jersey Supreme Court reverses lower court decisions in two cases, finding that the defendant erred in its benefits determinations regarding claims for accidental disability benefits.

63 Sixth Circuit Reverses Finding of Vested Lifetime Benefits

The Sixth Circuit reverses a district court judgment, finding that the applicable collective bargaining agreements are unambiguous and did not intend to vest retiree health care benefits for life.

65 Administrator Abused Discretion in Denial of Disability Benefits

A district court denies the defendant's motion for summary judgment due to an abuse of discretion and reverses the defendants decision to deny long-term disability benefits.

66 Class Members Can Continue Lawsuit Despite Lack of Benefit Denial

A district court finds that the plaintiffs have statutory and constitutional standing to sue, granting in part and denying in part the defendants' motion to dismiss the plaintiffs' claims.

68 Statute of Limitations Bars Claim for Miscalculation of Benefits

A district court grants the motion for summary judgment by the defendant disability insurance claims administrator for a claim of miscalculation of disability benefits.

69 Insurance Companies Err in Long-Term Disability Determination

A district court grants the plaintiff's motion for summary judgment regarding termination of her long-term...

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