Legal leaders: top lawyers named by their peers.

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CONTENTS 64 Legal Elite within Arbitrator/Mediator 64 Legal Elite within Banking/Financial 64 Legal Elite within Bankruptcy/Workout 66 Legal Elite within Business Litgation 68 Legal Elite within Civil Trial 70 Legal Elite within Construction 70 Legal Elite within Corporate Law 72 Legal Elite within Criminal Law 72 Legal Elite within Energy/Natural Resources 74 Legal Elite within Environmental/Land Use 74 Legal Elite within Family Law 74 Legal Elite within Government 74 Legal Elite within Health 75 Legal Elite within Immigration 75 Legal Elite within Insurance 75 Legal Elite within Intellectual Property 78 Legal Elite within International 78 Legal Elite within Labor & Employment 78 Legal Elite within Mergers/Aquisitions 78 Legal Elite within Non-Profit 78 Legal Elite within Personal Injury 79 Legal Elite within Real Estate 80 Legal Elite within Tax 80 Legal Elite within Wills, Trust & Estates 80 Legal Elite within Up & Coming 82 Legal Elite within Worker's Compensation Now in its fourth year, the Utah Legal Elite survey continues to grow in scope and interest. In September 2007, Utah Business mailed 5,000 ballots to state Bar members, asking them to vote for peers whom they deem to be the state's top lawyers. Bar members were encouraged to vote for lawyers whose work they have observed firsthand and whose services they would recommend to others.

For the 2008 edition of Utah Legal Elite, lawyers were permitted to vote for up to five colleagues within their firms on the condition that they vote for an equal or greater number of lawyers outside their firms. One point was awarded for each intra-firm vote, and three points were given to those outside voters' firms. Self-voting was not allowed.

Whereas in previous years voters were limited to nominating only one lawyer for each of a set of prescribed categories, this year's ballot allowed them to vote for whomever they deemed best, regardless of category. The ballot did provide a space for each vote-getter's "specialty," of which 26 options were given to aid in compiling and presenting the list. The list was then put through a variety of screening processes, including vetting by a blue ribbon panel of judges.

Utah Business received thousands of responses, and the resulting top vote-getters are alphabetized within the areas of specialty that were listed on the ballot. Here are your peers' choices for Utah's top attorneys: our 2008 Utah Legal Elite.

ARBITRATOR/MEDIATOR HON. WILLIAM B. BOHLING Bohling Mediation SUSAN C. BRADFORD Bradford Mediation WILLIAM W. DOWNES Attorney at Law PAUL S. FELT Attorney at Law BRIAN R. FLORENCE Mediation Services ROBERT H. HENDERSON Robert H. Henderson KARIN S. HOBBS Hobbs Mediation TIMOTHY C. HOUPT Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough MARCELLA L. KECK Accord Mediation LEWIS B. QUIGLEY Attorney at Law HERSCHEL J. SAPERSTEIN Ray Quinney & Nebeker MICHAEL D. ZIMMERMAN Snell & Wilmer BANKING/FINANCIAL JOHN. A BECKSTEAD Holland & Hart THOMAS T. BILLINGS Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy MARK L. CALUSTER Callister Nebeker & McCullough R. STEVEN CHAMBERS Nielsen & Senior BRIAN D. CUNNINGHAM Snell & Wilmer ROBERT J. DALE Fabian & Clendenin GARY E. DOCTORMAN Parsons Behle & Latimer NATHAN S. DORIUS Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Deere DAN W. EGAN Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll KEVIN G. GLADE Ray Quinney & Nebeker ROBERT A. GOODMAN Zions First National Bank MICHAEL D. MAYFIELD Ray Quinney & Nebeker DAVID M. MCGRAIH Zions First National Bank DOUGLAS M. MONSON Ray Quinney & Nebeker BRADLEY E. MORRIS Callister Nebeker & McCullough JEROLD G. OLDROYD Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll KAMI L. PETERSON Zions First National Bank DAVID L. PINKSTON Snow Christensen & Martineau GEORGE R. SUTTON Callister Nebeker & McCullough STEPHEN C. TINGCY Ray Qumney & Nebeker ELLEN J. TOSCANO Ray Quinney & Nebeker LNDA M. ZIMMERMANN Dorsey & Whitney BANKRUPTCY/WORKOUT GREGORY J. ADAMS McKay, Burton & Thurman ADAM S. AFFLECK Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler TROY J. ARAMBURU Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough DOUGLAS L. BARRETT Attorney at Law MARLON L. BATES Scalley Reading Bates J. THOMAS BECKETT Parsons Behle & Latimer DARWIN H. BINGHAM Scalley Reading Bates MATTHEW M. BOLFY Snell & Wilmer JULIE A. BRYAN Cohne, Rappaport & Segal MONA LYMAN BURTON Holland & Hart J. RANDALL CALL Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler KENNETH L. CANNON II Durham Jones & Pinegar DAVID M. COOK Attorney at Law JOSEPH M. COVEY Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & Loveless ANNA W. DRAKE Attorney at Law DIANNA M. GIBSON Parsons Behle & Latimer DUANE H. GILL MAN Durham Jones & Pinegar TED K. GODFREY Attorney at Law WESTON L. HARRIS Parsons Kinghorn Harris GEORGE B. HOFFMAN, IV Parsons Kinghorn Harris PEGGY M. HUNT Ray Quinney & Nebeker NOEL S. HYDE Attorney at Law ANNETTE T. JAN Utah Attorney General's Office ANNETTE W. JARVIS Ray Quinney & Nebeker LON A. JENKINS Ray Quinney & Nebeker MICHAEL R. JOHNSON Snell & Wilmer PHILIP G. JONES Attorney at Law PENROD W. KEITH Durham Jones & Pinegar DANNY C. KELLY Stoel Rives BENJIAMIN J. KOTTER Ray Quinney & Nebeker DAVID E. LETA Snell & Wilmer ROBERT B. LOCHHEAD Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & Loveless RALPH R. MABEY Stutman Treister & Glatt JOEL T. MARKER McKay, Burton & Thurman ADELAIDE MAUDSLEY Chapman and Cutler STEVEN J. MCCARDELL Durham Jones & Pinegar BLAKE D. MILLER Miller Guymon R. KIMBALL MOSIER Parsons Kinghorn Harris JULIA R. PETTIT Stoel Rives ROBERT S. PRINCE Kirton & McConkie JEROME ROMERO Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough STEPHEN W. RUPP McKay, Burton & Thurman ROGER G. SEGAL Cohne. Rappaport & Segal JEFFREY L. SHIELDS Callister Nebeker & McCullough ZACHARV T. SHIELDS Callister Nebeker & McCullough STEVEN C. STRONG Ray Qumney & Nebeker GERALD H. SUNIVILLE Van Cott, Bagley. Cornwall & McCarthy JAMES C. SWINDLER Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler MICHAEL J.THOMPSON Able Legal Services PAUL JAMES TOSCANO Attorney at Law STEVEN T. WATERMAN Ray Quinney & Nebeker KIM R. WILSON Snow Christensen & Martineau MICHAEL N. ZUNDEI Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler BUSINESS LITIGATION JOHN A. ADAMS Ray Quinney & Nebeker JAMES L. AHLSTORM Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & Loveless SAMMI V. ANDERSON Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar ROBERI M. ANDERSON Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy DAVID L. ARRINGTON Durham Jones & Pineger JOHN P. ASTON Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy RANDY T. AUSTIN Kirton & McConkie SPENCER E. AUSTIN Parsons Behle & Latimer J. MICHAEL BAILEY Parsons Behle & Latimer MATTHEW C. BARNECK Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson EDWIN C. BARNES Clyde Snow Sessions & Swensen JAMES L. BARNETT Holland & Hart THOMAS R. BARTON Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy PAUL M BELNAP Stong & Hanni BLAINE J. BENARD Holme Roberts & Owen GARY F. BENDINGER Howrey BRYON J. BENEVENTO Snell & Wilmer DAVID M. BENNION Parsons Behle & Latimer DANIEL L. BERMAN Berman & Savage PETER W. BILLINGS Fabian & Clendenin KENNETH B. BLACK Stoel Rives TIMOTHY W. BLACKBURN Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy JAMES T. BIANCH Parsons Behle & Latimer KARLA S. BLOCK Utah Attorney General's Office JOHN H. BOGART Howrey JASON D. BOREN Attorney at Law CHTHERINE L. BRABSON Parsons Kinghorn Harris ALLAN T. BRINKERHOFF Ray Quinney & Nebeker KAMIE F. BROWN Snell & Wilmer RICHARD D. BURBIDGE Burbidge & Mitchell RODGER M. BURGE Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & Loveless STEVEN W. CALL Ray Quinney & Nebeker KEITH A CALL Snow Christenses & Martineau CRAIG CARLILE Ray Quinney & Nebeker MICHAEL R. CARLSTON Snow Charistensen & Martineau RICHARD W. CASEY Howrey WILLIAM H. CHRISTENSEN Larsen Christensen & Rico ERIK A. CHRISTIANSEN Parsons Behle & Latimer STEPHEN C. CLARK Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough ROBERT S. CLARK Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & Loveless JEFFERY T. COLEMERE Wrona & Parrish DAVID M. CONNORS Chapman and Cutler DENNIS J. CONROY Silvester & Conroy LEGRAND R. CURTIS Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar ANDREW G. DEISS Jones Waldo Holbrook & McCullough MARTIN R. DENNEY Callister Nebeker & McCullogh CHAD R. DERUM Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar DAVID O.DRAKE Attorney at Law PAUL C. DRECKSEL Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & Loveless RANDY L. DRYER Parsons Behle & Latimer PHILLIP W. DYER Attorney at Law M. DAVID ECKERSLEY Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler RAYMOND J. ETCHEVERRY Parsons Behle & Latimer RICHARD B. FRANDSEN Attorney at Law LYLE J. FULLER Smith Hartvigsen JAMES D. GARDNER Snell & Wilmer JENNIE B. GARNER Dorsey & Whitney MARK R. GAYLORD Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll E. BARNEY GESAS Clyde Snow Sessions & Swensen J. MARK GIBB Durham Jones & Pinegar JAMES D. GILSON Callister Nebeker & McCullough MARK A. GUCK North Harvard Group JEFFERSON W. GROSS Burbidge & Mitchell PAXTON R. GUYMON Miller Guymon STEPHEN HALE Parr Waddoups Brown Gee & LOveless GEORGE M. HALEY Holme Roberts & Owen CAMERON M. HANCOCK Ray Quinney & Nebeker JOHN CLYDE HANSEN Dewsnup King & Oslen JOHN E. HANSEN Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen JASON W. HARDIN...

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