Legal Briefs.

Even temporary conditions can be ADA-covered disabilities

After an HR manager had shoulder surgery, her employer refused to extend her leave and eliminated her job, arguing that the employee wasn't disabled because her condition, while serious, was merely temporary. The court sided with the worker, saying that even short-term conditions can be substantially limiting and, thus, disabling. (Shields v. Credit One Bank, 9th Cir.)

The lesson: It's a misconception that workers must have permanent, long-term medical conditions to be covered under the ADA. Temporary, serious conditions may still qualify.

Don't ask front-line staff to act as security guards

A security-camera video went viral recently showing a group of Best Buy employees foiling a shoplifting attempt by taking aggressive footballlike stances against the robbers. Best Buy's "no touch" policy allows employees to confront suspects, but it prohibits physical engagement or pursuit out of the store.

Advice: It's better to train employees to avoid confrontations with suspected thieves. Rather...

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