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Apply your leave policy equally to all employees

As Elijah was transitioning from female to male, he was granted a mix of paid and unpaid leave for medical procedures. But when he requested even more leave, his employer declined and fired him. He sued for disability and gender bias. Both cases were tossed out. The court said transgender status is not a disability. Plus, Elijah couldn't prove that any other similarly situated employee had received more leave than he did. (Olivarez v. T-Mobile, 5th Cir.)

The lesson: Make sure your leave policy (and each manager) treats all staff equally when it comes to time off.

Confederate banner: A red flag for harassment?

Jebriel, a cook at a Florida Applebee's, complained about racial slurs, plus that some co-workers wore Confederate flag shirts to work. His manager told him to ignore it all. Jebriel quit and complained to the EEOC, which has now filed a federal lawsuit against the restaurant. (EEOC v. Neighborhood Restaurants, MD FL)


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