Lee, J. Ardian. Outlaw sword.

Author:Root, Deirdre B.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Berkley, Ace. 310p. c2002. 0-441-00935-2. $14.00. SA

Dylan Matheson has returned to the 20th century from his adventures in the 18th, sent back and returned by the fairy Sinnan in the hopes that he could prevent Scotland's eventual submission to British rule. But he has left his love, Cait, and a son he's never seen, so he forsakes his present future for a future in the past. Outlawed, hunted, pressed on all sides, he must save his Cait from her treacherous and dangerous husband and carve out a life for them all in an unforgiving land. Then a visitor from the future warns him of danger to his family. Can he...

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