Lederer, Richard. The bride of anguished English; a bonanza of bloopers, blunders, botches, and boo-boos.

Author:Cooper, Jeffrey
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

St. Martin's, Griffin. 178p. illus, c2000. 0-312-30038-7. $12.95. JSA

Richard Lederer has fashioned an enviable career--to the tune of some 2000 books and articles, if the cover blurb is to be believed--out of collecting puns, typographical errors, mangled metaphors, accidental double entendres, and other linguistic faux pas that are guaranteed to induce giggles in those of us inclined, whether by nature or nurture, to find such philological shenanigans giggle-inducing. I'm sure there are certain people in this wide world of ours who fail to see the humor in a sports headline like "Grandmother of eight makes hole in one" or a restaurant sign announcing that "Shoes are required to eat inside" or the household hint that "Lettuce won't turn brown if you put your head in a plastic bag before placing it in a refrigerator," but why in the world would anyone want to associate...

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