Leavitt, Martine. Tom Finder.

Author:Darr, Erin Lukens
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Red Deer Press. 141p. c2003.0-88995-262-0. $9.95. JS

What if you knew nothing about yourself except your first name? What if the only clues to who you are were a candy heart from Valentine's Day and a small spiral notebook with some notes scrawled about Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute? This surprising gem of a story involves a teenager named Tom who cannot remember who he is or where he came from. Now he is living on the streets of urban Canada, trying to solve the riddle of his existence. Tom meets a strange medicine man, Samuel Wolflegs, who tells Tom he is a "Finder." He tells Tom that he has a gift and that before he can solve the mystery of his identity and find home, Tom must first find Samuel's runaway son, Daniel. The story follows Tom as he adjusts to life on the streets: eating from dumpsters, sleeping under bridges, run-ins...

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