Learning interviewing online.

Author:Jones, Diane Sidwell

Effective Interviewing!, 2004, Management Team Consultants, Inc. (415-459-5151, www.interviewedge.com), $225 per user. PDF handout.

In the time it takes to watch a couple of TV reality shows, you can learn powerful techniques to turn an ordinary job interview into a successful "You're hired" offer. A new online program from Management Team Consultants, Inc., Effective Interviewing!, makes it possible for even the busiest professional to learn or refresh his or her interviewing skills within two hours. In addition, a well-designed table of contents feature allows users to pause at any time and pick up again, if needed.

Learners will discover helpful tools and techniques for competency-based behavioral interviewing. Course content is strong enough to transform a novice into an apprentice. Learning chunks are smartly framed into three points on the interviewing timeline--before, during, and after the interview.

Management Team Consultants makes good use of web-based exercises (quick quizzes, audio clips, etc.), but they fall short of providing the transfer of learning...

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