Author:Mahnam S.
Position:SPEAK UP - Letter to the editor

When I heard the big C news [cancer], my husband and I had just moved to a new country where we did not even speak the local language. We had no friends or family to support us. I had absolutely zero experience in dealing with this disease, and that only partly shows how devastating the situation was for us.

I was a big fan of SUCCESS at the ti me and followed it on social media. But it was not until I was stuck at home after each therapy session that I realized its real value. I came to truly appreciate every piece of information and learned that it all comes down to how you use it. Above all, it helped me find the coaches I so much needed to battle the chemotherapy and the cancer.

We barely knew anyone, let alone had friends. Here the SUCCESS podcasts came to my help. I was introduced to countless numbers of inspiring, thriving, high achievers who I could learn from. I listened to podcasts on every topic, from wellness to finance to controlling your mind and how to work out. The people...

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