The changing face of the region: learn to maximize your business opportunity in a multicultural community.


Michigan is well known for its resources, both natural and those facilitated by man: water, lumber, salt, copper, infrastructure, farms and orchards. The Detroit Region is also rich in another way that doesn't always get the attention it deserves-its multicultural population.


Since Henry Ford First offered his $5-a-day work plan at the manufacturing plants during the early part of the 20th century, the Detroit Region has been home to an array of immigrant communities hoping to take advantage of the economic opportunity popping up in the area.

The $5-a-day deal has been long since discontinued, but the Detroit Region remains a highly divers multicultural community that attracts people and companies from around the world.

What's in it for me?

In addition to the obvious cultural benefits of living in an area rich in cultures, viewpoints, ideas and traditions (the many cultures, viewpoints, ideas and traditions (the many culinary choices, entertainment options and cultural museums are a few), a multicultural community increases the quality of life for its residents by providing significant economic development advantages:


(1) Diverse = durable. A region that welcomes new participants is an economically strong region that, because of its diversity, has a broader scope in terms of ideas, knowledge base and experience--items all important in the revitalization of an economy.

(2) More business opportunity. First-and second-general ion immigrant communities tend to boast a high percentage of entrepreneurs within their communities. These mom-and-pop businesses provide jobs, add to the region's tax base, diversify our economy and create more business opportunities for established businesses in the service industry.

(3) Timeliness. The importance of multiculturalism to our economy has dramatically increased as we have moved towards a globalized economy.

It's time to start planning your business future with this in mind. There is a new consumer...

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