Lean time opportunities: precision-parts manufacturer finds two lathes cut setup time to 1 hour.

Position:CNC turning

High volume work has been a staple of operations such as Bryco Machine of Tinley Park, IL, but President Bryon Bettinardi decided he needed to expand his capabilities. More customers were insisting on short run and prototype work in conjunction with the high volume work he was already doing.

Trying to do low volumes on his production machines with four- to eight-hour setup times was not productive. However, Bettindari didn't want to lose these opportunities, especially now.

Bryco Machine is a 20-year-old modern-day operation specializing in CNC turning. It's built a reputation as a supplier of precision-turned parts for industries including electronics, hydraulics, wireless communications, medical and dental, fluid powers, fiber optics, and defense.

Bryco manufactures complex parts that require up-to-date equipment and high-level expertise in machining. The company provides both short- and long-production runs with prototyping capabilities under the same roof as the production environment.

Bettinardi purchased a Hurco BMC30 for secondary operations and found that not only was it fast and easy to program, it was also a productive, accurate, and reliable machine. When Hurco announced its new line of 2-axis lathes, it was just at the time Bettinardi needed to do something to solve his short-run production problems.

As Bettinardi studied his short-run work, he realized there would be benefits from two small lathes, and purchased two Hurco TM6 CNC slant-bed lathes. One machine would be equipped with a bar feeder and run low- to medium-volume...

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