Lean In, Listen & Learn.

Author:Beeman, C. Ainsley

Lean in and Listen--sound advice I've found to be most beneficial in life, but especially as a woman adept in the great outdoors. If I could have your ear for a moment, this is what I'm encouraging you--as an influential dealer in your locale--to do.

Allow me to make this direct statement: Your business needs to incorporate women into your staff. And I don't just mean as your behind-the-scenes secretary, accountant or cashier. Although these positions are integral assets in any business, I'm referring to hiring women who are well versed in firearms, archery, fishing, waterfowl, turkey, whitetail, upland birds, big game, etc. These women exist, and they're instrumental in building your female customer base and increasing potential revenue streams.

As a young girl, I spent many a day in a deer stand with my dad. Countless life lessons were learned peering over the window ledge. One has really stuck with me: the importance of "vision." My favorite stand to hunt had a handful of spots I knew to keep a close eye on when it came shooting time. Depending on wind direction, I could almost guarantee where the deer were going to appear. My dad has often recalled my excitement during those times. Little did I know what was really taking place just beyond my main focal points. "Keep your peepers open Prin ... kinda look through the trees," he'd say. I'll never forget when his statement came to life for me. Just beyond those noted points of fixation, whitetail activity often abounded. In fact, I harvested my largest whitetail from that property when my perspective changed.

Fortunately, I was no longer gripped by the obvious or concentrating on the known; my vision had expanded, which allowed me to see things I had missed before. This is what I'm encouraging you to do --expand your vision and reap the benefits.

Think Outside Of The Box

For centuries, men have been known as the hunters and gatherers. Camo-clad men and boys fill coffee shops and little breakfast spots in the wee hours of the morning's duck hunt. Convenience store doors rotate with men filling up with gas and goodies before they set out to climb a tree or motor out to the duck blind. I know this because for years I was often the only one gracing those doors sporting a long blonde ponytail. This is no longer the case nowadays.

Women every where are becoming more comfortable with not only taking their place on the shooting bench, but also taking the role as the lead caller and bagging their...

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