The league in action: online voter information resources.

Author:Ceballos, Kelly
Position:League of Women Voters

This election is an important one for our country and the League. Each year, millions of voters depend on the League's nonpartisan voter education and information resources, and 2008 is no different. The League's www.VOTE411. orge Web site and Elections 101 area on include all the information that voters need to know about voting and elections. As you get ready to educate and assist voters in your communities, be sure to familiarize yourself with the many resources the League offers online.

In 2006, the League partnered with Yahoo! to launch www.VOTE411.orge, an easy-to-use nonpartisan "one-stop-shop" Web site for the public about voting and elections. provides easy access to general and state-by-state information on all aspects of the election process, including voter registration and absentee ballot rules, ID requirements, voting machine types, contact information for elections officials, and a one-of-a-kind nationwide polling place locator.

The polling place locator is an exciting feature of It allows voters anywhere in the nation to key in their address and obtain their polling location. Knowing where to go to vote is among the most sought after pieces of information in the days immediately leading up to, and on, Election Day.

In 2006, with the support of Leagues across the country, over 200 Voters' Guides were posted on the site, providing voters from 36 states with state and local candidate and ballot measure information.

The League is currently working to give's new look in summer 2008. We are excited about all of these changes because will be more user-friendly and interactive, and offer voters even more election information. No other Web site provides the same level of comprehensive, state-specific voter information as

One of the newer features on includes the ability to register with the Web site and receive e-mail alerts and updates. Throughout this important election year, VOTE411. org will send alerts on important dealines and let users know when vital new information has been added to the Web site. If you are registered on the site, all of this information will come right to your inbox!

At the time of this writing, more than 100 state and local League's Voters' Guides have been posted on during the 2008 primary season. This includes the League's Presidential Primary Voters' Guide, prepared with help from D.C...

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