Author:Almanza, Lorenzo

Warner Carrillo, VP of Client Engagement at Imprezzio, is a leader that creates change, sets goals and develops solutions. Furthermore, he is a leader with one thing in mind: growth.

"?QUIERES BAILAR ESTA NOCHE? Vamos al noa, noa, noa, "is the tune Warner Carrillo reminisces about when the imagery of his childhood reappears, While it is unknown if Carrillo is much of a dancer, what is known is the Latino leaders' knowledge of software industries and his experience in the insurance field.

The entrepreneur began his career at Farmers Insurance, and during his 15 years with the company he held a variety of roles within the company.

Carrillo first started off as a Property Claims Adjuster, then he moved on to become a Personal Lines Growth Consultant and he finished as the director for Sales Tools Strategy and Innovation.

"Farmers was a great experience for me and I met a lot of amazing people along the way," Carrillo said. "One of my major accomplishments was the opportunity to lead the enterprise wide application of Imprezzio's software."

The impact Imprezzio had on Carrillo helped open a variety of opportunities for the leader and made him into one of the top industry experts.

In August 2016, the Latino innovator joined Imprezzio Inc. as Vice President of Client Engagement. His lists of duties include a variety of tasks in connection to collaboration, customer solutions and setting goals within the company.

"As a thought leader for our organization and in the Insuretech community, sharing knowledge on trends and best practices is key to driving Imprezzio client engagement," Carrillo said.

The rapid growth of technology and its connection to customer service is a key installment of the company's innovation.

Some of the benefits of working for an inclusive corporate like Imprezzio include: world-wide recognition, the presence of workers from all over and the continuous growth of the company.

"Our organization is made stronger because we work with and employ people with unique, differing and diverse points of view," Carrillo said.

As Vice President of Imprezzio, Carrillo understands the values it par takes being a team member of a fast growing software industry.

One key question Carrillo ponders when it comes to his own team is: Does a team member have the energy and motivation to help achieve the goals for the overall team?

"I know who is going to work hard to help us achieve our goals, who I can count on for certain roles and how to get...

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