Leading the good path: Jim Alaniz, regional Vice President of Travelers, says the recipe for success is giving it all every day.


Many would say that nabbing a Vice President job at a top corporation like Travelers would be something like saying you have arrived.

Not Jim Alaniz. Having been with the company for 31 years, he wakes up every morning with one goal: to commence anew. "I start my day with zero equity. That means I have to re earn my role as a leader, my role as an employee, as a family man, as a human," Alaniz says, from Tampa, Florida, where he heads the local Travelers office. "Hopefully at the end of the day I can say, T did the best I could to earn my right to be a father, a good husband, a good leader, a good person in the community."

Alaniz is a respected mentor in the business Latino community. As the Regional Vice President of Travelers in the Tampa, St. Petersburg's region, he is known for instilling in others that coaching is for personal excellence, about doing the best every single day.

"There isn't a prescription on how you treat everybody. Everybody has something special," he says. "I don't know why you wouldn't do it? Why wouldn't you want to do it every day? Who doesn't want to leave a positive footprint?"

From Texas to Florida

Alaniz has been leaving footprints ever since he began his career in Texas, just outside Corpus Christi. First he joined the Army, upon a stint there he headed to Texas A&M University and from there going to work for Southwestern Bell in Houston.

He did a stint in communications in the oil industry. Then, 31 years ago, he joined Travelers, where he has remained, crediting the philosophy, work culture and serving others ethos of the venerable insurance agency.

"At one point you have to decide what makes you feel good about a profession that you select," he says.

One of the reasons he chose to go with Travelers is because he believes that the company is out there to help, especially during people's most trying times. Large-scale examples can be seen whenever there is a major catastrophe, like when tornados have ripped through Alabama or hurricanes have blasted the...

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