New leadership: a look back at Mackinac and ahead to the next year.

Author:Murphy, Leslie
Position:YEAR IN REVIEW - Detroit Regional Chamber - Conference news

It is with great enthusiasm and expectation that I assume the role of" board chair for the Detroit Regional Chamber during the 2008-2009 program year. Not withstanding the many challenges facing our community, it is a promising time for the Detroit Region as we work on economic transformation, job creation and business growth--the mission of our great organization.


The 2008 Mackinac Policy Conference, which I had the honor of chairing, was a platform for "Building a Stronger Michigan," the theme from the conference. Before and during the event, the business community set a robust agenda of policy changes and political reforms to turn the state's economy around.

The priorities identified for accomplishing this goal include:

* Talent education, attraction and retention

* Immediate state budget reform

* Elimination of term limits

* Regional transportation system

* Alternative energy

Preliminary strategies around each of these priorities have been developed. We are currently in the process of implementing these strategies to advance an aggressive agenda. The Chamber is taking the lead on some action items, such as talent and budget reform, while collaborating with organizations on other priorities. We will he communicating with you...

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