AuthorNewman, Pamela J.

* Leadership Is Doing is the title of Pamela Newmans entertaining and useful new tome that presents a series of axioms that characterize--or should--the approaches leaders take personally.

I enjoyed it, especially as it comes from a former "Top Gun" at AON, responsible for a major book of their business.

Her CV is shared modestly, but as a friend of long standing, I can state that I have come to know both Pamela as a thought leader, business leader, and as a dedicated philanthropist.

Pamela has received the highest awards given by the John Cabot University of Rome and by the College of Mount St Vincent, noting her charitable and social responsibility advocacies i.e that she demonstrates a sense of profound love of fellow man and a serious commitment to putting that into action. Pamela's CV bespeaks an adroit intelligence and remarkable achievement as head of a major enterprise within a major enterprise (AON). It fails to express her innate grace and joie de vivre, so highly prized among her many, many friends across the insurance business and the nation. Although she has travelled among the top protagonists in our country and has numbered among her professional clientele at least one US President and scores of top CEO's and leaders, Pamela remains exceedingly well grounded in the latest literature, art events and charitable opportunities. Always a force in a field that was once called insurance, but now prefers "risk transfer," Pamela has arranged for the underwriting of some of the most challenging risks on the planet and some of the most difficult exposures imaginable. Her acute, surgical approach to the analysis of causalities and options has made her a leader in the field, to the point where the oldest insurance magazine in the country, the Insurance Advocate, presented her on its cover as The Insurance Professional of the Year, 2016. In selecting friends and colleagues with whom to share our lives, pleasures and challenges, one always hopes for personal characteristics such as kindness, reserve and fidelity and to the unwritten rules of behavior that distinguish great people. In this context her advice is well understood.

A typical Chapter reads quickly and sets out bite sized observations that may appear obvious but bear repeating and reflection.

Here is one Chapter:


"A great way to measure where you are on the scale of being a true leader is to ask and...

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