Leadership by example.

Author:Cotera, Jamie
Position:EDITORS' NOTE - Editorial

Strong leaders are essential in every industry. But in the "alpha dog" law firm environment, where every decision must withstand scrutiny, it is even more imperative that legal marketers possess and exhibit the ability to direct and influence those they work with.

Whether you are leading an organization, a department, a small team or a project, honing your leadership skills will benefit your professional development and your career prospects.

Daryl Cross drives this point home in his article that explores leadership in industries with terminal consequences. Through his conversations with leaders like the chief astronaut of NASA and the first female chief of police for Washington, D.C., he shows that leadership is a perspective and not a position or a title.

We further examine leadership by looking at its impact on employee engagement. The majority of U.S. employees are not engaged at work, but great leaders can effect change by providing a safe and efficient...

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