To motivate, empower, know how to push the right buttons so that each person gives the best of himself or herself. Times change and leadership styles change. How to manage big companies in times of millennials. Three top executives of prominent Latin American multilatinas give their views on what it means to lead today.

CEOs speak about leadership

What kind of leadership do you admire? What are the traits a business leader in Latin America must have?

Society is in need of and demands a new type of leadership that embraces an aspirational ethic aimed at constant improvement, one that shares a set of values that guides the collective to work not only based on individual interests but also for the common good. I am convinced that leadership must be based on example, on having a long-term vision, a hyper-competitive attitude, and a global perspective.

At Globant, we take on a leadership culture imbued with thinking in terms of the big picture, having a long-term vision, innovating constantly, and having the ability to find the solution in difficult situations without getting discouraged. I think these are the characteristics that must define leadership of the new generation of corporate managers.

Is any characteristic of yours different from those you mentioned?

I try to work at being a "builder of teams". I think that empowering people and shaping other leaders is critical for scaling up a business. I also believe in always aiming for excellence. And, lastly, it's crucial to be flexible and to adapt quickly to changing realities. The idea of leadership has to adapt also to a generation that is creative, innovative, and that demands autonomy, flexibility, and being part of a team of professionals.

Do you recall any decision by any leader that has marked you, that you then adopted in your own leadership style?

I believe it's important to succeed in communicating purpose to your team. A good leader has to know how to generate enthusiasm in his people, showing them that they are part of something bigger, a team that is more than the sum of its parts.

Have you noticed that your style of leadership might have changed over the years as you have gained more life experience and ability to manage situations?

Of course. Being a good leader is an exercise; you have to learn how to deal with change. Surrounding yourself with brilliant people also helps a lot in the processes of reinvention. I always say that entrepreneurs (or leaders in this case) are...

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