LEAD with training.

Author:Gomez, Cindy

This past October, professionals from the Virginia Department of Corrections (VA DOC) graduated from ACA's LEAD for Middle Managers Training. The two-week training led by trainers Judy Morris and Danny Norris was designed to sharpen and improve the existing management/leadership skills of the participants, improve their current effectiveness and to afford participants the opportunity to take the ACA Correctional Certification Manager examination. The two weeks of classroom work are linked by a "real world" project designed to give the participants an opportunity to test or model skills and behaviors learned in the classroom. Each project had to present a way to improve the VA DOC or a way to save money. The presentations were well-thought-out, detailed and spoke of their passion and dedication to the VA DOC. After the project presentations, the trainers gave one-on-one feedback to the participants on what they did well and what could be improved.

Alison Coops, an elearning, senior training and development coordinator with the Academy for Staff Development at the VA DOC, was the class representative. As the second week of this training came to an end, Coops addressed her class with a speech that was nothing short of inspirational. In her speech, Coops talked about the different types of leadership styles they had learned about and how each had benefits and drawbacks depending on the situation.

"We learned that there are many kinds of power, where we get most of ours, and that having multiple sources of power is much more effective than relying only on one," Coops said. "We...

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