Summit, LDAC, government SIG: three chances for appraisers to speak their minds on timely issues.


THE APPRAISAL INSTITUTE HELD ITS FIRST WASHINGTON APPRAISAL SUMMIT IN 2003 TO BRING APPRAISERS AND APPRAISAL POLICYMAKERS TO DISCUSS PUBLIC POLICIES IMPACTING THE APPRAISAL PROFESSION. Three years later, the 2006 Summit, to be held May 16 at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, is as important as ever, with appraisal practices and methodologies being scrutinized by all levels of government. The day-long event will focus on pertinent topics like mortgage fraud, appraisal independence, eminent domain and tax appraisals. As the Summit ends, the Appraisal Institute's Leadership Development & Advisory Council (LDAC) will begin. In addition, a brand new Shared Interest Group program for government appraisers will be held. In all, the three programs are aimed at giving appraisers a voice in politics, be it at the national, state or industry level.

Previous summits have helped lead to bills being introduced in Congress and major actions being taken by federal and state agencies, says Appraisal Institute Director of Government Affairs Bill Garber. With the government playing an increasingly more active role in the lives of appraisers, this year's Summit offers the opportunity for appraisers once again to express their concerns and help influence the course of legislation.

Summit panel discussions

The 2006 Summit, co-sponsored by the American Society of Appraisers and the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, will offer eight two-hour breakout sessions where participants will hear presentations followed by opportunities for information exchange. Representatives from nearly 15 federal and state agencies will participate in these panel sessions where they will describe recent policy changes undertaken by their respective agencies, give insight to upcoming changes and address areas of concern. Agency officials will also provide information on contracting opportunities for appraisers and generally how appraisers can work with their agency.

Sessions on AVM standards and acceptance and on coalition building and the development of state coalitions are also on the Summit agenda because of the intense interest in both topics among appraisers. A leading government relations consultant has been retained by the Appraisal Institute to address and lead group discussions about coalition building.

Industry and consumer groups will also be on hand to provide their perspective on appraisal-related policy issues, offering appraisers an opportunity to listen...

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