LaZebnik, Claim Scovell. Same as it never was, a novel.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

LaZEBNIK, Claim Scovell. Same as it never was, a novel. St. Martin's, Griffin. 341p. c2003. 0-312-31250-4. $13.95. SA

Twenty-one-year-old Olivia Martin is the ultimate cynic. She never gives a straight response to anything and sees the world through a murky haze of constant disappointment. When questioned about her major in college by a family friend, she answers that she is majoring in "wasting time." Unimpressed with her sardonic attitude, be then asks if her minor is in sarcasm. Without missing a beat, she replies, "No, I already have a degree in that." But her demeanor must be overhauled when she is confronted with a big change. After her father and stepmother are killed in a car crash, Livvy finds out that she inherited their child, her almost four-year-old stepsister Celia. Suddenly, Livvy must redirect all the energy she spends on being cynical to learning how to be an instant parent. Uprooted from her former life, Livvy now lives with her mother and Celia, creating a new and at times functional family unit. Livvy's life as a college student...

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