Lawrence Raful - Dean of Creighton Law School, 1988-1999

Publication year2022
CitationVol. 37

37 Creighton L. Rev. 841. LAWRENCE RAFUL - DEAN OF CREIGHTON LAW SCHOOL, 1988-1999

Creighton Law Review

Vol. 37


Larry Raful has been a professor of law, a dean, a scholar, a mentor to many, and a faith-filled friend. I came to Creighton University as its Academic Vice President on June 1, 2002. Within three days of my arrival, I received a telephone call announcing that my own mentor and sometimes legal adversary of thirty years, Howard B. Eisenberg, Dean of the Marquette Law School, had died unexpectedly at age fifty-five. A Jewish dean at a Jesuit Catholic Law School, I thought none could articulate so eloquently the mission of a Jesuit Catholic law school as Howard. And then I met Larry.

After the visit of Creighton President John P. Schlegel, S.J., Larry Raful was the first to contact me with thoughtful words of condolence following Howard's death. What has followed over the past eighteen months are lengthy discussions about the impact of pro bono legal work, international ramifications of the death penalty, and global efforts toward peace. Larry Raful was engaged and well-informed on all counts. Whether Creighton was hosting a Nobel Peace Prize advocate on the devastating effect of land mines or the WNIT championship game, Larry Raful was there to learn or support the effort - a model of the breadth and dynamism of the Creighton law faculty for...

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