Law firms play key roles in supporting the U.S. military and veterans.

AuthorSavarino, Julie


Our military men and women are critical to the freedoms and way of life that we as U.S. citizens enjoy. The U.S. military consists of current troops and service members: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and all Reservists; veterans and veterans' organizations such as The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and others; POWs (Prisoners of War); those still MIA (Missing in Action); past and present Judge Advocate General's Corps members (JAGs); and all the other civil servants who the military employs and those who support active military service members and veterans worldwide.

Without these millions of people and their commitment, effort, work, sacrifice, service and dedication--as well as the loving support of their spouses, children, parents, friends and other backers--our Republic and democracy as we know it and our cherished freedoms would not exist as they do today. As one member of The Patriot Guard (a group of veterans and other volunteers who honor fallen military heroes nationwide) perfectly summarized: "America is the land of the free, because of the brave."

Throughout history, lawyers have played integral roles at many levels to help support the U.S. military and veterans, even in the highest elected role within the U.S. government. Of all the men who served as President of the United States, approximately 26 were or are lawyers, and 21 of them served in the U.S. military.

Today, approximately 20 percent of the members of the U.S. Congress have served in the military, and approximately 35 percent are lawyers. Many senators and congressmen who are lawyers have worked in outside law firms or as in-house counsel either before being elected to serve or after their government service ends.

In addition, many who currently serve or have served in the administrative branches of government (at federal, regional, state and/or local levels) are also lawyers.

According to Todd Breasseale, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army, who currently serves as a member of the Department of Defense's Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, "Lawyers in the military have always been an invaluable resource, but today, more than ever, they are highly valued advisors to commanders at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. For instance, in our efforts in Afghanistan, judge advocates guide our Rule of Law mission, working in the areas of 'courts, cops and corrections' to encourage...

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