Laumer, Keith. Flint, Eric, ed. Keith Laumer; the lighter side.

Author:LaValley, Liz
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Baen. 500p. c2001. 0-7434-3537-0. $299. SA

This collection of whimsical stories highlights human behavior through science. A good example is "Goobereality," about the employee of a vast megacorp who invents an Environmental Simulator. His plan is to allow historians to reconstruct crime scenes and fill in major events in history from available data. Instead, the CEO appropriates his machine for use as yet another advertising tool to determine consumer trends. When things go hideously wrong, he improvises an entertaining solution to save the world. "The Queue" bitingly explores what happens among people who wait years in a paperwork line and what a descendant does with his free time once he reaches the Window. "The Body Builders" is an early argument on the drawbacks of living through virtual reality. "The Devil You Don't' presents a...

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