Latinos in high-tech.

Author:Briones, Mariana Gutierrez

At Latino Leaders we are honored to have partnered with HITEC since last July to provide a platform to showcase top Hispanic talent in the Technology industry. On this occasion we are especially proud not only to continue to share the stories, views and contributions of trailblazing insiders--but to celebrate, by publishing for the first time in a National platform, the HITEC 100 index--which recognizes the most influential and notable Hispanic Professionals in the IT Industry in the Nation. This year's list covers a wide range of positions, experience, skills and, of course, stories. But there is one common thread: Leadership--these pioneers are leading by example, revolutionizing their categories, creating opportunities for other Hispanics and shifting--through their success--what Latino in Tech looks like.

The profiles of the three HITEC 100 leaders interviewed for this edition are testament that anything is possible though a clear vision and the determination to push though barriers and obstacles until a dream is realized:

Laura Quintana's commitment to the Cisco Networking Academy is a wonderful example of a career dedicated to providing opportunities for others to grow. Cisco's support to institutions, governments, and non-profits in 170 countries helps over 1 million students a year develop workforce-ready technology skills. Vic Rios, Valvoline's chief information digital officer is one of the industries most innovative thinkers and through an endless curiosity has become a sought after speaker...

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