Latino talent acquisition panel.

Position:Victor Arias Jr., Raymond Arroyo and Salvador Mendoza - Interview

The Latino talent acquisition panel hosted by Latino Leaders magazine on December covered the most pressing issues facing the hiring of Latinos in high-end leadership roles and positions in the country.

Some of the topics discussed were the primary role diversity plays in Corporate America, the challenges in the hiring processes and the strategies companies use when recruiting professional Latinos, as well as the roles enterprises play when recruiting, maintaining and fostering Latino talent.

We are proud to introduce three men who have excelled in their fields and share with us their visions on the current state of Latino talent acquisition in Corporate America.

Victor Arias Jr.

Senior Client Partner in the Dallas office of Korn Ferry. He is a member of the CEO/Board Services practice and is also the Global Leader of Diversity & Inclusion for the firm.

Raymond Arroyo

President of ALPFA Solutions, Managing Director and the head of the Diversity Practice at Reffett Associates and Chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Salvador Mendoza

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at NBCUniversal Media, LLC. Previously, Mendoza was VP, Global Diversity and Inclusion for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.

LL--At this moment, do you think there is a lack or a surplus of Latino manpower for high end leadership positions: Directors, VP, C-Suite, SVP, etc.?

VA--Depends on how the needs for the leadership positions are defined. Most of these positions require execs that are on the track of actually running pieces of an organization's main businesses with defined P&L responsibilities. Latino/as need to ensure they are aiming for these types of assignments, even if they might seem less attractive than staff roles with big budgets. With more Latinos having prior P&L experience, then we can really start moving the needle on representation in the C-Suite and in the boardroom. At the same time, we need to keep reminding corporations of their need to intentionally look for and place Latinos in these types of roles, justifying it as a business imperative.

RA--There's no question that Latinos are significantly underrepresented at the manager levels and above in corporate America. We represent about 3 percent at the C-Suite, 4 percent at the EVP level, 6 percent at the VP level, and 9% at the manager level. With all the talk and efforts around diversity, their numbers are abysmal and need to dramatically improve.

SM--There is not a lack of talent, I'm convinced that the talent is there, what we lack is representation at that level. For example, we see an increase of talent coming up the ranks, as...

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