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The stain of corruption The police and politicians are seen as the most corrupt groups in Latin America, according to Transparency International surveys. Police 47% Elected representatives 47% Local government 45% Prime Minister/President 43% Judge and magistrates 40% Government officials 37% Tax officials 36% Business executives 36% Religious leaders 25% They also show that almost one-third of the users of public services in Latin America -more than 90 million people in 20 countries- paid bribes to gain access to basic services. The highest incidences of this form of corruption in the region are in Mexico (51%) and the Dominican Republic (46%).

Source: Transparency International, 2016/2017, published in October.

Latin America still doesn't have a good command of English Only Argentina, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic rank "moderate" in the EF EPI--English Proficiency Index 2017 which tested language ability among 1 million people in 80 countries. Seventeen other latin American countries rated "low", meaning people are not able to conduct business in English. Country Score Argentina 56,51 Dominican...

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