Latin American tourism champion.

Author:Bamrud, Joachim

It may rank as the economy in Latin America, but when it comes to tourism, the Dominican Republic is among the Leaders. in reat terms, its receipts of $4.2 billion Last year were the fourth-highest. Only Mexico, Brazil and Argentina--all countries with considerably Larger economies--had higher revenues. In fact, the Dominican revenues were only sLightLy tess than Argentina received.

However, when measured as a percent of its GDP, the Dominican Republic is the champion. Its tourism receipts were the equivalent of 8.2 percent of its economy. No other country in Latin America had a higher receipt-GDP ratio, according to the Latin Tourism Index from Latin Business Chronicle.

Meanwhile, the number of Dominican arrivals reached 4.1 million, which was the equivalent of 41.8 percent of its population of 9.0 million. Only Uruguay and Costa Rica can boast higher arrival-population ratios.

The success of the Dominican tourism sector is built on a combination of factors. The country shares attractive beaches, climate and Location with its Caribbean neighbors, but it also offers unique benefits, such as nine international airports and a well-deveLoped hospitality sector led by Spanish chains such as...

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