Latin America: global champion.

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Latin America is shining globally, not only in terms of economic growth, but also in several other areas, Raul. Rivera points out in his book Nuestra Hora (Pearson).

Brazil's dimensions are comparable to that of the United States, while Argentina's are equivalent to those of India. Meanwhile, Latin America's population of 600 million is twice that of the United States and far superior to that of the European Union.

Rivera also argues that Latin America's image as a poor underdeveloped area is unfair. "Although "Latin America" and "poverty" are concepts inextricably linked in the mind of many observers, the reality is that we are basically a middle-class area, not so wealthy, nor so poor," he writes. "Asia and Africa are the poor regions of the world, not ours."

Here we republish some of the charts he refers to in his book. They are developed by Worldmapper.



South American territories export twice as much fruit {net} as territories in any other region, except for Western Europe. But as a region, Western Europe is not a net exporter.



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