Late To Bed, Late To Rise.

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Late To Bed, Late To Rise

Ken J. Kakareka

Black Rose Writing

PO Box 1540, Castroville, TX 78009

9781612962207, $16.95, 200 pp.,

Synopsis: The snake bitten peninsula of Korea manages to obscure its alcoholic lust and debauchery-filled night life from the rest of the world, until now. Jack Danowski is an expatriate American teacher living in South Korea. He is fully immersed in the exotic culture of K-pop music, hofs, and jimjilbangs, and enraptured by gleaming neon lights, where vivacious night life thrives and rambunctious clones of global superstar, Psy, roam the streets daily. Jack is entangled in a passionately wild relationship with Sunny, a free-spirited Korean woman ten years his senior. The combination of her lust for soju and her independence from bachelorette life both work against Jack's insecurities, and his longing for her to be a "family" woman. Dealing with recurring health issues is tough enough for Jack, not to mention the language barrier that disables him from fully communicating with Korean doctors. Gradually, Jack and Sunny find they...

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