Larry Raful

Publication year2022
CitationVol. 37

37 Creighton L. Rev. 831. LARRY RAFUL

Creighton Law Review

Vol. 37


I first met Larry Raful, then Dean Raful, when I started law school at Creighton in 1992. He welcomed me into his law school to fill my brain with case law, legal theory, and Socratic Method. He welcomed me into his home to fill my heart with pleasure and my stomach with fabulous food on Jewish holidays - for all three years. It was hard for me to stop referring to Larry as the law school dean, even years after graduation. I was finally broken of the habit after people repeatedly asked me if this "Dean Raful" was related to Larry.

Since law school, I have had the honor of working with Larry on the Nebraska State Bar Ethics Committee and the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council of Greater Omaha. He is truly an asset to all causes with which he gets involved. Larry Raful dedicates his life to ethics and teaches it to others, both literally in the classroom and through his personal and professional words and deeds. Likewise, his dedication to ending domestic violence in our community and promoting accountability in the criminal justice system is illustrative of his fundamental commitment to fair and just treatment of all people. Larry takes action to accomplish what is necessary...

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