Landlord can evict tenant for chronic nonpayment of rent #25717.


Landlord, a cooperative HDFC, sued to evict month-to-month tenant for good cause after sending tenant a 30-day tenancy termination notice. The court ruled for landlord after a trial. Tenant moved into the building in January 2013 and paid two months' security deposit and one month's rent at the rate of $950. Tenant didn't pay rent for February 2014, paid rent from March through June, didn't pay rent for July or August, paid in September, but again failed to pay for October through December 2013. Tenant's rent arrears for 2013 were $4,725. Unlike chronic nonpayment cases involving rent-stabilized tenants, landlord HDFC didn't have to prove that it brought a series of prior nonpayment proceedings against tenant. Landlord only had to prove good cause for...

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