Landlord can evict manufactured-home tenants #25722.


Landlord sued to evict 25 month-to-month trailer owners from its manufactured home park. Landlord had given tenants six-month notices under Real Property Law (RPL) Section 233(b)(6) (i), stating that it proposed to change the use of the property. The court ruled for landlord.

Tenants appealed and lost. Tenants claimed that: (1) landlord failed to notify all tenants at the same time; (2) the notices failed to terminate their tenancies; (3) landlord waived the notices by accepting rent after the expiration of the notice period; and (4) landlord didn't prove that it was actually planning to change the use of the property. In a prior case, an appeals court already ruled that landlord's notices were proper. The six-month notices technically weren't termination notices, so landlord's continued acceptance of rent...

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