Lady Knight.

AuthorRohrlick, Paula
PositionBrief Article

(Protector of the Small, Book 4). Random House. 431p. c2002. 0-375-81471-X. $5.99. JS *

To quote from the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, November 2002: In this last book of the series, set in the medieval fantasy land of Tortall, 18-year-old Kel has finally achieved her dream of becoming a knight. She is only the second woman to attain this status, and when she is kept from battle and placed in charge of a refugee camp she is angry at first. But then the camp is brutally attacked by magical machines, and action is called for. Meanwhile, Kel has had a vision of a man who has created these awful machines--powered by children's souls--and she knows it is her destiny to stop him. Kel can communicate with animals, which often comes in handy, but her bravery, brains, and skill as a commander are even more...

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