Lady Gwendolyn.

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Lady Gwendolyn

Magnolia Belle, author

Susan Helene Gottfried, editor

Black Wolf Books

9780984287581, $17.99, 414 pp.,

Synopsis: In early medieval days, bandits beset a caravan taking Lady Gwendolyn Hampton of England to marry Angus Dewar in Scotland. In the confusion, she escapes, while the bandits think her maid, Madeleine, is her. From one peril to another, Madeleine must keep the ruse in order to stay alive. Lady Gwendolyn's brother, Lord Richard Hampton, wants Madeleine as his consort, and tries to rescue her. Through betrayal, intrigue and murder, she becomes a woman of title, and must decide if she wants the life he offers.

Critique: A richly woven and complex historical novel, "Lady Gwendolyn" by Magnolia Belle is...

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