Lack of planning for health care.

Position:Retirement Benefits

The Financial Planning Association, Aetna Insurance, and Women's Policy, Inc., have delivered a call to action concerning the importance of considering health and benefits needs in retirement, in response to findings from a national survey of Americans ages 45 to 75. Of preretirees surveyed, nearly 20% have spent "no time" in the past year actively planning for retirement; more than 30% do not know what to anticipate for healthcare needs; and nearly 40% have spent less than an hour in the past year planning for health benefits in retirement.

"Retirees who responded to the survey sent a very clear message to preretirees--save more than you think you'll need for living expenses in retirement. Health care expenses are clearly a big part of that picture, since about a third of retirees are spending more than they thought they would for healthcare," declares Ronald A. Williams, president of Aetna Insurance.

According to the survey, when Americans plan for retirement, they concentrate on finances, spending virtually no time on health benefits. Fifty-two percent of those surveyed...

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