The e-commerce specialist is bringing innovation to its customers with digital print and shrink sleeve technology.

Author:Katz, Steve
Position:NARROW WEB Profile is no longer "flying under the radar." The Tampa, FL. USA label manufacturer has a background steeped in e-commerce, but today is emerging tar beyond its web presence and software.The company has adopted both digital printing and shrink sleeve technology, and is now offering the booming craft beer industry and others something entirely new and different.

Paul Puleo is owner and president of LabelValue, but back in 2004 he was working in software development and had just gotten laid off. However, instead of looking to re-enter Corporate America, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Paul and a couple partners leveraged their software expertise and started their own company.

The business plan consisted of launching several different e-commerce websites, each selling different types ot products. The internet wasn't always the dynamic marketplace that it is today. Paul says, "During the period ot time that we got started, there wasn't a lot happening on the internet. Most businesses didn't sell products online --they had more informational, brochure-type websites.''

Paul and his team used what's known as an Open Source System. "It was software that was readily available on the internet and also easily customizable," he explains. was among a number ot websites the company started, but it took off far beyond any of the others. "Because there weren't too many sites selling labels and packaging online, we thought certain types ot labels were a perfect fit tor e-commerce," Paul says. "Plus, the software we had developed made it very easy for our customers to place the orders, and for us to process them and get them printed."

In the beginning. LabelValue didn't manufacture their labels themselves --the company served as a broker, partnering with nearby converters who did the printing."At that time, it was easy to place ourselves in the market, as there wasn't anyone doing what we were doing. And we were hyper-focused on our particular products, which were primarily shipping and address labels.

"Once we got people on our site, they usually became repeat customers," Paul recalls."Our prices and comparisons were right, plus, we offered free shipping. It may be the norm now. but no one was offering tree shipping back then. Also, we were selling a consumable product, and one that people needed more ot rather quickly.

"Our customers came back to us tor more labels due to how easy we made the ordering process. In addition, while we paid for some ads. we...

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