Labeling three olives.

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Flavored liquors have been instrumental to distilleries and importers. According to Euromonitor International, these products constituted 26% of all volume sales in the US from 2007 to 2012.

When Three Olives cherry and grape vodkas developed a following, parent company Proximo Spirits, a spirits importer and international distributor headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, USA, decided to expand its line-up of flavored vodka products. Proximo also owns the tequila brand, Jose Cuervo.

To capitalize on American tastes, Proximo developed another 24 flavors for Three Olives and launched a $20-million advertising campaign with Clive Owen in 2013. The company offers spirited beverages for everyone, including pomegranate and triple-shot espresso to celebrity-themed drinks like Marilyn Monroe Strawberry and Elvis Presley Coconut Water.


Proximo takes extra care with this product line, distilling British winter wheat four times before it is bottled. Therefore, Three Olives packaging wanted to reinforce its reputation as a premium vodka maker.

It was always clear that its new flavored products would be branding all-stars. The vodka line's glass bottles are tall and etched for an arresting frosted appearance. Product labels would need to accentuate the bottle's modern, elegant lines.

Proximo turned to its label converter partner, J.R. Cole Industries, based in Charlotte, NC, USA, for help crafting a winning label solution. J.R. Cole had already helped Proximo make the transition from silkscreening to pressure sensitive labels with Three Olives' three original flavors--classic, grape and cherry--in 2012 when the company acquired the brand from White Rock.

Many spirits manufacturers have implemented pressure sensitive labels because of their branding potential and ability to create production efficiencies with inline decoration and application cleanliness. In addition, using pressure sensitive labels enables companies to consolidate bottle inventories by using standard-sized forms for all of its product varieties.

"Pressure sensitive labeling has really helped reinvigorate the labeling industry," says Joe Richards, vice president of sales, J.R. Cole. "You can do so many things with these labels. You can use films and specialty papers and really pack in the ink. It enables distilleries to get extremely creative with their packaging."


J.R. Cole was ready to take on the flavored vodka...

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